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To access case information, enter the five- or six digit appellate court case number or the party's name and/or the county's name. Although the complete appellate court case number contains a year and court designation (e.g., 02-88639-S), this inquiry system uses only the center five digits. Enter the numbers 88639 to search by appellate court case number. If you do not know the appellate court case number, you may search by entering the party's name and/or the county's name. Before conducting a name and/or county search, read the information on the "Help" screen.

PLEASE NOTE: The Clerk's Office will not automatically file documents sent by parties who are represented by counsel. Those documents will be returned to the party with instructions to discuss the matter with counsel and to follow counsel's advice. Motions to dismiss/appoint counsel and motions to file supplemental briefs will be allowed to be filed by a represented party.

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